" I always thought we would find our way back to each other.
But this time it’s different.
Now, I know that our paths will never cross again. And gosh, it hurts. "
" Just because you miss someone, it doesn’t mean you should go back to them. Sometimes you have to just keep missing them until you wake up one morning and realize that you don’t anymore. "
" I want someone who will throw their arms around me and tell me “don’t go, I’m sorry” when I’m upset. I just want someone who won’t give up on me. "
" Soon you’ll stop thinking about him as much as you do now. And soon your heart won’t drop when you see or hear his name, when you see a photo of him or remember a memory. Soon your heart won’t drop at all, and all these things that meant so much to you will fade and just like everything else in the world, it will turn to nothing and with that you’ll realise you stopped thinking about him all together, and when you hear his name you don’t think things like ‘i loved him’ or ‘i miss him’ or even ‘that’s my ex’ soon when you hear his name the only thought that will come into your mind is absolutely nothing and this is truely when when you realise that once again he has become a normal everyday person. That will be the part when you can smile at yourself and say you survived. And i won’t promise it’ll happen tomorrow, or in a week, or even a month. It might take a while. But never forget ‘time heals all wounds’. "
" She was laughing even as we kissed and kissed again. There is no better taste than someone else’s laughter in your mouth. "